Christmas Spirit

Back to the Middle Fork

Ok, I survived Christmas. A few days before the holiday, my wonderful aunt Mary sent me this picture showcasing her undying Christmas spirit. I laughed and laughed! I must admit I sometimes feel an awful lot like this, too. But, as I’m sure you were told many times growing up, we can use our imaginations […]

Wesley silly face

Another Day on the Middle Fork

I hope this picture tells you a thousand words: My son is quite a character. He’s a VERY BUSY three-year-old, and great user of his mom’s extra time. If I am sporadic in posting here, you now know why. But anyway, let’s get back to the Middle Fork. I believe we were just finishing lunch […]

salmon river whitewater Velvet Falls Middle Fork

Middle Fork Dreaming in December

It’s December. I’m sitting at my desk, looking out my office window which overlooks the Salmon River. It’s snowing. I keep telling myself that this is a good thing: all those flakes are adding up to a few more drops of water for next summer’s river season. This time of year, when all this snowing […]

Dates and rates for 2015

Dates and rates for 2015 are updated on the web site.  Dates on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon are the same, except in September, because dates are assigned to us by the Forest Service.  On the Lower Salmon, we can control our dates, and I align them with days of the week.  Some rates […]

Ice conditions in Salmon River-7 Dec

With recent moderate weather, the Salmon River has not been carrying slush ice in the Salmon area in recent days.  In general, if the overnight low is above 20 degrees, there won’t be ice flowing.  Based on that and the forecast, this week should be ice-free. Steelhead fishermen are picking up some fish.  There aren’t […]

Snowpack in Salmon River country

This morning the snow pack report for the Salmon River drainage shows 120% of average for the date.  The fall was warm and dry  until mid-November, then winter arrived with an abrupt cold snap.  Temperature in the morning was O for several days, and ice began to flow down the river and jam. Temperature moderated, […]

September Middle Fork of the Salmon rafting trip

Dates for whitewater rafting trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon during the summer are fixed, but post-season dates, after 3 September, change each year.  In 2015, we have a launch date on 17 September.  By that time, passengers will fly in to begin the trip, at Indian Creek, or another air strip along […]

Kids on the Salmon River

I recently took my two-and-a-half year old on a six-day river trip. Two trips, actually. Since I was also in full-time guide mode, I had to bring help. The first trip was a total trial, but worked out far better than I could have imagined. My amazing friend, Lexi, came along with her almost-four-year-old, who […]

Ice clearing in Salmon River

Salmon River temperature increased in the last few days, after the O weather the previous week, and the river is clearing of slush ice.  The Deadwater ice jam extends several miles upstream from North Fork, but there is open water in the Salmon area, and a few steelhead fishermen are out.  We are getting snow, […]

Ice in the Salmon River

Today we flew over the lower Middle Fork of the Salmon, and back up the Salmon River to Salmon.  There were numerous ice jams on the Middle Fork.  The Deadwater jam on the Salmon below North Fork had backed up nearly to North Fork.  It is winter in Salmon River country.  It will be around […]

Salmon River chills steelhead fishing

The current cold snap is chilling steelhead fishing in the Salmon area.  This morning the river was 34 degrees.  Overnight air temperature is predicted to reach O, so I expect to see ice in the river soon.  This cold snap is supposed to last several days.  After things warm up, we should get some more […]

steelhead fishing in Salmon area

Steelhead fishing in the Salmon area continues, with water temperatures still in the mid-40s–warm for this time of year.  Clarity is good.  Success varies from day to day–hot one day, not so hot the next.  Today, my boat landed four, lost another.  The water temperature favors more fish moving into the area.  Leaves are mostly […]

Salmon River steelhead fishing

Today was a better steelhead fishing day in the Salmon area.  River temperature was mid-40s, clear, mostly sunny day, leaves still yellow along the river.  My boat had eight steelhead on, though we had trouble holding them–only landed two.  Not many people on the river, as is common in mid-week.  Weekends are pretty busy this […]

Steelhead fishing in Salmon area

Today (Sunday 26th) was a good day to catch up on desk work–rainy, windy, generally unpleasant, new snow on the ridgetops. We have had unsettled weather the last few days, and fishing has been slower than expected for this time. The river was 50 degrees yesterday at end of afternoon, 52 the day before. It […]

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