Kids on the Salmon River

I recently took my two-and-a-half year old on a six-day river trip. Two trips, actually. Since I was also in full-time guide mode, I had to bring help.

The first trip was a total trial, but worked out far better than I could have imagined. My amazing friend, Lexi, came along with her almost-four-year-old, who is a good friend of my son. The two boys built sand castles, splashed in the water(always in life jackets and with numerous adults following their every move), and ran till they dropped. We had to build some quiet time into each day, and did this by reading stories as we floated through quiet pools.

The second trip of the summer with my busy kiddo had a bit of a different twist. We did a 5-day lodge trip, which means we floated each day to new lodges along the river, and stayed in them overnight. This proved to be a great kid-friendly strategy. The opportunity to explore new places on the Salmon River was fun for us all, and gave guide/mom a little more down time to spend with the little one. We picked blackberries at Whitewater Ranch, ate ice cream at Buckskin Bill’s, and visited the pig at Shepp Ranch. My dear friend Patricia was able to come along on the trip to help me with my son during the day. A little more evening time gave us a much-needed chance to catch up on our friendship.

Bringing kids on river trips is a really fun experience, but requires a lot of extra planning. Make sure to bring the major comforts of home: special blankets, books and small games. Sippy cups with lids are a hot-weather necessity, as are lots of healthy, easy snacks.

We’re getting pretty darned good at planning and doing kid-friendly river trips at Aggipah. Give us a call to chat about getting your kids on the river next summer. 877-705-7370

Bringing kids on river trips is great, but requires extra preparation.
Bringing kids on river trips is great, but requires extra preparation.

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