Aggipah’s Spey-Only Steelhead Guide

We are proud to have Todd Lansing with us this fall. Todd is a Spey-only steelhead fishing guide. If you are looking for that coveted chance to swing for steelhead with the best in the field, come spend a day on the Salmon River with Todd.

Todd Lansing, Spey-only Salmon River steelhead guide.
Todd Lansing, Spey-only Salmon River steelhead guide.

Todd spent the summer working with us on the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon Rivers. He lives in Salmon, Idaho, with his wife, Charity, and two teenagers. In the off-season(which is a very small window for Todd!), he and his wife maintain a modern-day homestead, producing nearly all their own produce, milk and meat.

A day or two on  the Salmon River with Todd is a truly unique experience. The steelhead are here now, so give us a call and let’s get on the water. 877-705-7370

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