Smallmouth bass on the Lower Salmon

In the second week of September we had a five-day trip on the Lower Salmon with smallmouth bass fishing the focus. Most fishermen come to this area for trout or steelhead, but these Ohioans were serious smallmouth fishermen. They caught fish up into the 16 inch range, reporting 25-40 fish per day per two-person boat. Some sections of the river, of course, were better than others. The average size seemed to be larger than in previous years. Usually our Lower Salmon trips are later in the fall, after the river temperature has cooled some, and smallmouth aren’t as active.

Many (most?) bass had crawdads in their stomachs. Crawdads aren’t usually associated with Salmon River, and about the only place I have seen them is in bass bellies.

We also caught a medium-sized sturgeon, and a first on the Salmon on my trips–a catfish.

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