Salmon River Fishing Report

Kids steelhead fishing

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Update

Salmon River steelhead fishing has been in a slump the last two or three years. Local fisheries biologists put a lot of blame on changing ocean conditions. Ocean temperature cycles affect steelhead and salmon. We apparently have been in an unfavorable cycle for several years, though I’m told the cycle seems to be in an […]

Ice is flowing down the Salmon River

Ice is flowing down Salmon River in the Salmon area.  First ice of the season  was last Wednesday, much later than usual.  I usually regard ice-free river beyond the 10th of November as bonus time. I have seen ice by the 1st of November on occasion–though the early ice usually doesn’t last long.  There are […]

steelhead fishing improving

Steelhead fishing is improving in the Salmon area

Steelhead fishing is improving in the Salmon area, in spite of the time of year.  In many years slush ice is flowing, at least some days, by this time, but yesterday the river was 42 degrees and clear.  The volume of the Salmon River at Salmon is about 20% greater than average.  Over the years, […]

Catch-and-keep steelhead harvest has been allowed in Salmon River

A catch-and-keep steelhead harvest has been allowed in the Salmon River, beginning on 15 October.   The limit will be two hatchery fish per day, one less than recent limits.  Apparently increasing numbers of steelhead in the system led Idaho Fish and Game Department to modify the earlier catch-and-release-only regulation. River temperature yesterday at mid-day was […]

catch and release fishing for steelhead on Salmon River

Catch and release fishing for steelhead will be the rule on the Salmon River this fall, according to Idaho Department of Fish and Game.  Apparently we are still seeing the effects of the hot spell the end of June of 2015.  River volume was low for that time of year, and temperatures were unseasonably hot. […]

Steelhead fishing good news/bad news near Salmon, Idaho

Steelhead fishing is a good news/bad news story in the Salmon Idaho area. Good news is that the Deadwater ice jam has broken out, apparently yesterday, so the steelhead fishing should resume. BLM and IDFG have just finished knocking ice out of all the ramps upstream and including North Fork, except for Bobcat. (The Forest […]

ice jam in Salmon River beginning to break up

The ice jam in the Salmon River near Salmon is beginning to break up. The last barrier in this section of the Salmon River is the Deadwater ice jam just below North Fork–the first to form in the fall, the last to break out in the spring. Today the upper end of the ice jam […]

Steelhead Fishing Conditions in Salmon

Steelhead fishing conditions in Salmon are still difficult.  The river is still mostly frozen.  In many years the ice is beginning to break up by this time of the winter, but there is little open water in the Salmon area.  The ice has filled all boat ramps, so that when the river does open, the […]

Salmon River Steelhead

Steelhead Fishing Improving in the Salmon Area

Steelhead fishing is improving in the Salmon area.  I expect fish to arrive in the Salmon area between the 15th and 20th of October, but I was losing faith.  Fishing has been slow.  Today, though, on the 20th, I took a fellow for a half-day, and he got two steelhead, with a third lost.  They […]

Fall steelhead fishing

Fall steelhead fishing season is about to begin in the Salmon area.  There have been a few hard-core fishermen on the river, but not many fish stories yet.  Arrival of the fall steelhead migration seems to be a little late, but I never expect many fish before the middle of October.  Usually during the third […]

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