Salmon River Fishing Report

steelhead fishing conditions

Steelhead fishing conditions in the Salmon River near Salmon are improving, but still variable from day to day.  Today the river was 41 degrees at mid-day, with a little less that two feet of visibility–not crystal clear, but fishable.  Snow is mostly gone off the valley floor, including  the Lemhi nearly to Gilmore Summit. As […]

Spring steelhead fishing in the Salmon area

Spring steelhead fishing in the Salmon area is getting started.  Ice has been pushed from the ramps between North Fork and Salmon.   The Fourth of July site, which is not a developed ramp, is usable, but a length of rope to pull a boat up over an ice slab would be a good idea. […]

winter steelhead fishing

Salmon, Idaho Steelhead Fishing & Shuttle Information

Steelhead fishing  at Salmon will pick up soon.  The head of the ice jam is below North Fork.  Deadwater hasn’t broken out yet, but probably will pretty soon.  Idaho Fish and Game and Bureau of Land Management expect to push ice out of the launch ramps from Tower to North Fork in the next few […]

Winter Steelhead Fishing

Winter steelhead fishing conditions  are in full effect in the Salmon area.  The Deadwater ice jam  backed up to  the Diamond Creek area, though the river has cut down through the jam for several miles, creating an ice canyon.  Launch ramps from Tower Creek down are plugged with ice.  Ramps upstream are usable.  The river […]

Winter Steelhead

Winter Steelhead Fishing Conditions Begin

Winter has arrived according to the calendar, and we have winter steelhead fishing conditions in the Salmon area.  There have been several periods of slush ice flowing, with intervals of clear water.  The ice jam has backed up to between the Tower Creek and Red Bluff boat ramps, then cut back down a ways.  There […]

Ice interrupts steelhead fishing

Temperatures in the single digits have brought ice to the Salmon River in the Salmon area.  Slush ice has been flowing for a couple of days, and  steelhead fishing is suspended for the time being.  With moderating temperatures the ice will ease off, and we will be able to put boats on and fish for […]

Steelhead fishing conditions in Salmon area

Steelhead fishing conditions in the Salmon area continue favorable, in spite of the the time of the year.  It is common for slush ice to begin flowing in the Salmon area by mid-November, but this year the river is still getting into the low 40s.  The river has come up a bit, to a strong […]

Steelhead fishing near Salmon, Idaho

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River near Salmon, Idaho, continues to have good river conditions, but mixed success.  The river has been unseasonably warm all fall, up in the upper 40s and lower 50s until lately.  Yesterday it was 44-45 degrees at the end of a cloudy day–a very good temperature for steelhead fishing, but […]

Steelhead fishing improving in Salmon area

Steelhead fishing in the Salmon River near Salmon is improving, but is still erratic. There are good days, and some not so good.  It seems as if there are groups of steelhead moving through the area, and if you are on the group, fishing is hot, but if you’re between, not so hot.  Usually fishing […]

steph steelhead

Steelhead arriving in Salmon area

Steelhead are beginning to arrive in the Salmon area.  Fishing success will pick up very quickly as more fish reach this section of river.  River temperature has dropped to the low 50s.  The river is fairly clear, and pretty low for this time of year.  There has still not been a hard frost, but cottonwoods […]

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