Steelhead fishing good news/bad news near Salmon, Idaho

Steelhead fishing is a good news/bad news story in the Salmon Idaho area.

Winter Steelhead fishing

Good news is that the Deadwater ice jam has broken out, apparently yesterday, so the steelhead fishing should resume. BLM and IDFG have just finished knocking ice out of all the ramps upstream and including North Fork, except for Bobcat. (The Forest Service ramps below North Fork do not get de-iced.) The new bridge in Salmon that provides access to the ramp on the island has been completed. River temperature yesterday afternoon was 42 degrees, excellent for steelhead fishing as well as starting the spring upstream migration. Fishermen have been getting boats out and catching a few fish. It’s time to fish.

But–this morning the river had turned brown. Nights have remained above freezing lately, and the low valley snow has begun to melt and run off–and we had a lot of low snow this year.

If you are considering steelhead fishing in the Salmon area this spring, check local conditions before you leave home, and visit here for more information about our trips. Some sections of river may be clearer than others, depending on which tributaries are dumping dirty water. If the morning air temperature is below freezing, runoff will be reduced, and water clarity increased. Give us a call at 208-756-4167 or email at for an update on conditions.

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