Continental Divide Salmon Idaho

Full day or half day scenic float trips on Idaho’s Salmon River

These non-whitewater river trips will find us floating through ranch lands with frequent views of the rocky peaks of the Continental Divide. As we float past sedimentary cliffs, we are likely to see deer, eagles, ospreys, peregrine falcons, herons, swallows, and other smaller birds. We may see mink or otters, bighorn sheep, or antelope, maybe elk, depending on time of year and day.

Salmon River scenic float trips begin near Salmon, Idaho

So there is not a lot of time lost in travel. There are some small riffles, but no significant rapids in this section of the Salmon River. River Rafting Boat type depends on the group. For a couple, we might use one of our McKenzie River drift boats. For a larger group, we might use a large sweep boat that can carry a dozen people. You can paddle an inflatable kayak if you wish. This Salmon River Scenic River Float Day Trip is ideal for guests of all ages!

Scenic 1/2 & full day river trips are not regularly scheduled, but are individually arranged.

We can vary trip length to the time you have available, from all day to a morning or afternoon. We provide lunch, snacks and beverages on all-day trips. We can raft this section of the Salmon River from March through November. We fish for steelhead in this section of river in March and early April, and again in October and November.

We provide:

You need to bring only personal items, such as sun screen, camera, maybe binoculars. You should have shoes that won’t be ruined if they get wet. Dress in layers. Depending on weather and time of year, a windbreaker or rain gear is appropriate.

Salmon, Idaho is an area rich in history, best shared while floating the Salmon River.

Historic Pictographs along the Salmon River
Historic Pictographs along the Salmon River

Lemhi Pass, where Lewis and Clark crossed the Continental Divide, is visible in the distance. Hudson Bay trappers, Jim Bridger and Kit Carson traveled along this portion of the Salmon in the 1820s. The town of Salmon began in the 1860s with the discovery of gold west of the river. Ranches were established to provide meat and produce for the miners. Loggers began to provide lumber for the mines and ranches. The Lemhi Indian reservation occupied a portion of the Lemhi Valley in the late 1800s. A Chinatown developed in Salmon. A railroad arrived in 1910. But downstream from Salmon, the canyon was too tight for roads in the early days, so wooden scows were built in Salmon to haul passengers and supplies down the Salmon River to mining areas, and into the current wilderness area. Since the scows could not be brought back upstream for another trip, the river began to be called the “River of No Return”.

Looking for a bigger adventure? We offer 6-day Salmon River whitewater trips.

Choose Multi-Day Salmon River Rafting Trips on the: Lower Salmon River, Main Salmon River and Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

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