Ladies! Are you ready for your next big adventure?

Need a day (or 4) out? Check out our women’s 4-day Main Salmon lodge retreat!

women's lodge retreat

Join us for a special women’s-only Main Salmon lodge trip June 28-July 1, 2020. This is one we’re super excited about!

One of our own outfitters, Steph Ellis, will be leading this trip, and we are especially thrilled that our good friend, Lexi Keller, is coming along to share her passion for life with us. We’ll be running rapids, relaxing and celebrating life with four days on the Salmon River, staying in lodges each night. In the evenings we’ll have a chance to unwind, then we’ll get our sweat on with a high-energy Zumba, low-key yoga, or refreshing strength session, enjoy dinner (that someone else prepares!), and get inspired with discussions led by Lexi as the stars take over the Salmon River sky.

We are really excited about this trip. We have the unique opportunity to combine Idaho’s Main Salmon River with Lexi Keller’s bubbly personality. This is a lodge trip, which means we’re staying each night in a different river-side lodge as we make our way down the Salmon River. We have planned three exercise sessions for the late afternoons of June 28, 29 and 30. We are also planning three keynote discussions after dinner the 28th, 29th and 30th. We will have time during the day for short hikes off the river for those interested in participating. Of course, none of these additional sessions are mandatory, but will greatly enhance the trip for those who do participate.women's lodge retreat

A typical day on this trip will look a bit like this:

7:30am: breakfast
9:00am: departure from lodges
10:00 soak in a natural hot spring along the river
Noon: lunch time
Early afternoon: short side hike to a place of interest (old homestead, gold-mine or other interesting place).
4:00pm: arrival at next lodge
5:00pm: Zumba or other workout for those who wish to participate
7:00pm: dinner
8:00pm: keynote discussion

Lodge trips are a little different from our standard camping whitewater river trips.

We float the same number of river miles each day, but stay each night in a different lodge as we make our way downriver. This feature is part of what makes this river trip so cool: we’ll be able to enjoy the river during the day, and have the facilities for Lexi’s workout sessions in the evenings. Plus, if you’re not totally sold on river camping, staying in lodges alleviates that worry. And if you ARE sold on river camping, you can totally open up the windows and let those night sounds in! For more information on our lodge trips in general, visit here.

Call (208) 993-0655 or email for more details. Because of limited lodging space, there are only 15 seats available for this trip, so book early! You will NOT want to miss this one!

Meet Lexi: “I am a health and fitness coach, licensed Zumba instructor, self-empowerment advocate, rancher’s wife, and a busy mom to three adventurous boys! The ability to exercise has been a huge blessing in all aspects of my life. It has been my moon booster, stress reliever, confidence builder, and happy place. I am passionate about life and empowering others to live their lives to the fullest. I am absolutely thrilled to join Aggipah for the most epic girls’ trip ever! Whitewater rafting, adventure, Zumba, fun, positivity, peace, serenity. See you in June.”

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