Women’s All-Inclusive Main Salmon River Adventure 2024

Our incredibly popular Women’s Main Salmon River trip!

This event has evolved and grown over the past decade. The 2024 thrip is contingent on advance interest, so please let us know now if you’d like to attend or learn more.  This may be YOUR year to join our women’s all-inclusive Main Salmon River adventure.

Previous trips have included the following:

  • Group in river-side fitness sessions and discussions, providing in-depth self-development therapy and exercises.
  • Theme of Acceptance. 
  • 6 days on the river.
  • No phones, no traffic, no distractions.
  • We’ll laugh, grow, explore, eat, sleep, and learn more about ourselves, all on the slower pace of river time.

This trip will meet in Salmon, Idaho and we’ll be floating the Main Salmon River At a date to be set in late July or August. For further information, contact Steph Bernt Ellis, riversprite87@gmail.com, (208) 993-0655. For more information about our Main Salmon River trips in general, visit here.

women's lodge retreat

Previous Theme: Acceptance

As women, acceptance is a theme we sometimes struggle with. “Accepting WHO we are, and WHERE we are on our journey is something I can really dive into,” says Lexi. Sarah and Lexi will provide a growth-focused experience: mentally, physically and emotionally, as you enjoy a fully-supported river adventure. Each day will be uniquely organized to match the pace of the river and include journaling, yoga, group discussions, hiking and mindfulness activities.


About Aggipah River Trips and Steph:

Aggipah River Trips is a local family operation. We have been in business since 1977.  We have a variety of trips available, but they are all on stretches of the Salmon.  We think it is better to stay on one river and know it better, than to spread out over several rivers in different states. 

Aggipah provides six-day river trips on all three wilderness sections of the Salmon–the Middle Fork, the Main, and the Lower Salmon. In addition to conventional multi-day summer float trips, specialty trips include: fishing trips for trout and steelhead; combination horse-back/float trips with high-lake trout fishing; trips with nights at lodges along the river instead of camping; off-season trips with maximum solitude, wildlife & wildflowers, and private, charter trips. We often run special-interest trips with topics such as Western American history, women’s wellness, and fitness trips.   

Bill, my father, and founder of Aggipah, has spent nearly 60 years learning the Salmon River country, floating each summer. He introduced me to the river as an infant and took me on my first 6-day float at age four. I’ve been running a boat each week in the summer since 1996. I have been involved with running our business for more than 25 years. I served two terms on the IOGA’s board of directors.  Local history is an interest of mine, which led me to earn a BA in history at Boise State University. I am currently pursuing my RN in the off-season. Other interests include backpacking, camping, skiing, and fitness. I have been raising my two young sons on the river, with my husband Greg, continuing our family’s tradition.

Our trips are first class, with Dutch-oven and open-fire cooking, regional dinner wines, ice, and fresh, local foods throughout the trip, tables and chairs, and top-quality equipment.  Our guides are mature, educated, and selected for particular ability.  Many of our guides live in the Salmon Valley, which offers our guests a better perspective of the region. We hope to see you this summer for a trip that’ll leave you wishing for more river time.

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