Riding the Rapids of the Salmon River and catching some air

Row your own boat and kayak support

Although we have not actively solicited such trips, we occasionally and more frequently get requests from people who want to join our trips with their own boats.  That is something that we can sometimes provide, depending on experience of the boatman.  They get the fun of running the river themselves, with the benefit of our experience on the river.  They don’t have to deal with the logistics of a private trip–permit, special equipment, meal planning, packing and prep, clean-up after–just get into camp, tie up, take a hike, show up at mealtime.  We have to be cautious about the experience level of participants, but these days there are many competent private boaters who can afford to turn over the logistics of a trip to an outfitter.  If this is of interest, give us a call.  I know many people who have taken trips with us have gotten their own equipment and do private trips and are still on our mailing list.   Son John has gotten into extreme kayaking, and is available to help provide support to kayak groups.

Spring whitewater rafting / hiking trips

high water roses

This is a real Western wilderness adventure in Idaho. We’ll hike trails such as the Three-Blaze, made famous during the 1900-1902 Thunder Mountain Gold Rush and run some of Idaho’s world-class whitewater. We won’t see another float party but you will see more wildlife and wildflowers in bloom than in the summer months. These spring Salmon river rafting trips are pre-season, so they can be tailored to fit your schedule. We suggest a minimum of 6 to 7 days to really experience the Main Salmon Canyon.




Women’s River Trips 

Join one of our women’s-specific river trips! We run two per year, one is our Women’s Main Salmon Lodge Retreat, the other is a standard camping trip. We’ll be running rapids, relaxing and celebrating life on the Salmon River.





Saddle n’ Paddle horseback riding & whitewater rafting combo

Horse back trail rides while on your Salmon River adventure

You’ll fly into a high-country landing strip and ride three or four days through pine forests and meadows above the river, fish in high lakes, camp in wall tents, and ride down to the river to join our whitewater raft trip for three or four days, for a total of six to seven days. Each of these unique trips is specially arranged and coordinated with a licensed horse outfitter.



Lodge to lodge whitewater rafting and/or steelhead fishing

whitewater ranch salmon river

We can arrange to spend nights in riverside lodges instead of camping on Main Salmon trips. These trips are specially suited to spring and fall, when nights can be chilly. Steelhead fishing can be combined with these trips. We can also arrange to mix lodge nights and camp nights on the Main. We can arrange to spend one or two nights of a Middle Fork trip at a lodge. Call us for special arrangements.



Fiddlin’ with History

Patrons gather around the fire on the shore of the Salmon River

Immerse yourself in music and Idaho’s Salmon River history as Dave Wolfe, of the Rhett Creek Wolf family, joins us on the Main Salmon River.  Dave is a great story teller sharing his knowledge of people and their way of life along the river back through the depression period and earlier.  Any of you musicians might want to bring an instrument, as there’ll be lots of campfire music with Dave and his fiddle on this Main Salmon River rafting trip.


Private group river trips

Fishing the Salmon River as part of a Private Group trip down the river of no return

We can arrange a private river rafting trip for only your group, whether family, friends, or business associates.  We’ll help you plan for memorable corporate retreats, family gatherings, group of friends & class reunions.  Minimum number of people required to close a private river rafting trip to just your group will vary with time of year and Salmon River section.



Watercolor painting workshop & Salmon River rafting

A Salmon River watercolor painting by Erica H Craig
Watercolor by Erica H Craig

We offer a Main Salmon River trip with a watercolor painting workshop, taught by Erica Craig.  Erica Craig’s transparent watercolors are found in collections around the country, and have graced the covers of several magazines.  We need a certain level of participants for Erica to commit her time, so let us know your interest, and we’ll make a list.

Call us to customize a trip to match your interests, 208-756-4167, day or evening.

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