Spring Steelhead fishing in Salmon area starting early

The spring steelhead fishing season in the Salmon area is off to an early start.  This was a very unusual winter, with little ice in the river, and good steelhead fishing  throughout the winter.  In most years there is little fishing in the winter, and about this time, fishermen begin to get on the river again.  This year, though, there has not been a beginning to the “spring” season.  As days get longer, and a bit warmer, there are more people on the river.  All the ramps in Salmon area, from North Fork upstream, have been cleared of ice.

The river is clear.  This morning river temperature was 36 degrees, with the sun just beginning to hit the river in places.  Air temperature was 14 this morning, and I expected slush ice, was surprised to not see any.  Weather forecast calls for a few cold nights, then warming.

There have been many stories about very good catch rates this winter, and of course some mediocre stories.  I had some minor ankle surgery this winter that kept me off the river, so have had to rely on second-hand information, but will soon be out again–in time for what we always considered to be the “spring steelhead season”.

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