Whitewater Rafting for the FIRST time!

Think river trips are too scary and too much work? Think again. A river trip can be one of the most rewarding, relaxing and exciting vacations you’ll ever take. One of the best parts about a river trip is being immersed in breathtaking beauty and not having to do a thing except enjoy it.

Our guides provide the best in service.
Our guides provide the best in service.

River trips can be tailored to your tastes.  Since our river guides take care of all the essentials like getting you safely through your day on the river, preparing meals and setting up camp each night, you can decide how you want to spend your day. Maybe you want to paddle your own inflatable kayak, or be part of the paddle boat crew. Maybe you want to go for an extensive hike as soon as we get to camp. Maybe you’ve been looking forward to learning a little more about flyfishing. Or maybe you just want to relax with a cold drink in the shade of a Ponderosa pine and read a good book. The decision is yours!

Our guides are experienced whitewater boatmen, proficient in backcountry first aid techniques and accomplished chefs. They can answer your questions about our unique part of Idaho. They can help you with anything you want or need as we make our way down the “River of No Return.” In short, our guides will make you feel safe, relaxed and well taken care of.

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