Whitewater Adventures on the Middlefork of the Salmon River
Guide Steph Ellis runs a drift boat on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

We provide for your Salmon River camping trip:

  • Aggipah River Trips provides two-person Marmot tents, which have floors and mosquito netting (though bugs are not normally a problem), life jackets, helmets for use in paddle boats and inflatable kayaks, waterproof duffle and day bags, camera boxes and basic first-aid equipment. We provide self-inflating Thermarest sleeping pads. Sleeping bags are available by reservation for a small rental fee to cover cleaning fees after each use. We also provide chairs, cups and tableware. We have a full library of books and information about our rivers.
  • Equipment needed on our scenic river tours will depend on duration of the trip and time of the year. Aggipah River Trips will provide you a suggested personal equipment list with your Salmon River trips confirmation.

What to bring:

Multi-day trips require appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions.

  • Shorts and t-shirts
  • Long pants and a jacket in the mornings until the sun gets down into the canyon
  • Layers are key: polypropylene/polar fleece clothing including long underwear and outer clothing. It is light, warm and quick-drying, and retains some warmth while wet. This type of outer clothing is very warm around camp and under rain gear in wet weather. Many paddlers use polypropylene long underwear when water conditions are chilly, but not cold enough to require a wet-suit. Because polypropylene is not wind-resistant, you will need nylon shell clothing to help shed wind and splash.
  • Cotton clothing such as jeans is slow to dry, and wicks water up pant legs and cuffs, which wets the entire garment. We do not recommend cotton clothing for river travel, though you may find it comfortable in camp.
  • Pair of neoprene or polypro gloves, especially if you paddle.
  • Rain gear is an essential part of river-ready clothing. You will appreciate good quality gear- the right stuff can make a rainy day quite comfortable. It can also keep you dry and warm in whitewater. A two-piece hooded set works best. If it doesn’t rain, you may think my brother-in-law owns the rain-suit store, but if it does rain, you might wish the rain-suit store was with us!
  • Light-weight hiking shoes if you enjoy hiking. They’ll also be dry and comfortable in camp.
  • Sandals or sneakers to wear on the boat. Try to get a rubber sole, not a nylon sole which is very slick when wet.
  • Wet-suits are recommended in June for people who want to paddle, but full wet-suits are usually unnecessary after the beginning of July. They can be helpful in inflatable kayaks throughout the season.
  • Wet-suit booties or neoprene socks are a good idea for the upper end of the Middle Fork where the river water is cooler the first couple of days. You can get polar fleece clothing, rain suits, and rental wetsuits in Stanley and Salmon, though most outdoor clothing stores(REI, etc) also carry these items.
  • Sleeping bag, small pillow and a ground cloth to keep your sleeping bag clean and dry if you decide to sleep under the stars without a tent. We do have rental sleeping bags available.
  • Water bottle, small day pack, camera, a book or two, playing cards, or whatever your personal interest suggests.
  • Drinks including liquor,  beer, and soft drinks. We  provide water, lemonade, , hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and wine with dinner.
  • Fishing gear if you intend to fish.

A suggested personal equipment list will be included with your Salmon River whitewater rafting trip confirmation.

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