beautiful Watercolor by Kathy Cole while on a River Rafting Trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River
Lower Loon Creek,
Watercolor Painting by Kathy Cole
Kathy painted this beautiful Watercolor while on a River Rafting Trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon

Watercolor Painting Workshops & whitewater Rafting Trip Combo

For those interested in developing watercolor painting skills while enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable, we offer watercolor painting workshops combined with Main Salmon River rafting trips. This Idaho river rafting trip has the aspiring artist in mind. You’ll learn to capture the beauty of the canyon with demonstrations in washes, glazing, dry brush and wet-in-wet techniques.

Our group will spend six days river rafting and painting with Erica Craig,

A wildlife biologist and gifted artist. On our way downriver, we’ll take time each day to stop when an “art opportunity” presents itself. After we’re done painting, we’ll run some class IV rapids like Big Mallard and Elkhorn. We’ll enjoy a delicious meal, and maybe take a little walk after dinner to explore a homestead or pick some berries.

Erica’s background in wildlife biology brings her watercolor paintings to life.

They are “just right”. One of her paintings includes some aspen trees, and on the trees are scars in the bark made by a black bear climbing the tree–just an example of her attention to detail.

Erica’s husband, Tim, usually accompanies us on these watercolor painting river rafting trips. Tim and Erica are wonderful company on any river rafting trip. Their combined knowledge of the Idaho backcountry, and their willingness to share their stories, makes this a very enjoyable trip, even for the non-artist. Tim is also a wildlife biologist, and is currently employed in Fairbanks, Alaska. Tim and Erica have taught raptor ecology classes, and have done several contract research projects. One included taking blood samples from Golden eagles. Tim has worked as a predator control specialist, and a backpacker supplying grizzly bear hunting camps in Alaska, and as a wildlife biologist for the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. This is a special trip you’ll never forget.

Above All – Experience the Salmon River and Paint!

Aggipah River Trips, a small family operated Idaho river guide service,

Has the unique opportunity to offer our guests a highly personalized Idaho River Rafting Trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Lower and Main Salmon River with combined Watercolor Painting Workshops.  We enjoy putting together specialty river rafting trips for our guests, and creating that “Once in a Lifetime” adventure you will be talking about for years to come!

What’s your idea of the perfect Idaho river trip?

Share your idea with us, and we’ll figure out how to make it happen!

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