VIDEO: The Middle Fork with Aggipah River Trips

We’ve been really focusing on getting more videos up on the site. As they say, “A picture is better than a thousand words.” So, if this is true, a video must be better than a million words.

Link to Video:  Messing About in Boats on the Middle Fork

In keeping with the “words” theme, this particular video is set to a song written on the Middle Fork by two-time Aggipah River Trips guest, Steve Pascoe. Steve composed this song over several days on the river. We were lucky to have Wayne Sandlin on the same trip to put this video together in time with Steve’s song.

I’ve watched the video several times, it makes me a little teary every now and then. I was just telling my dad the other day about how I sometimes struggle to express how I feel about The River. It’s nearly impossible to do it justice with words. So often an indescribable feeling will overwhelm me as water drips off my oar blades in a quiet pool, or when I hear a Middle Fork canyon wren in the morning, or when I’m walking through Jim Moore’s meadow at dusk. It’s a feeling that can be sparked by something as simple as late afternoon light glinting off a water-worn rock. My throat will kind of close up for a second or two as I realize again how lucky I am to be where I am. That I wouldn’t be me without The River.

I hope you enjoy this little clip. Many more to come…

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