Steelhead fishing improves

Today was the first day of good steelhead fishing in the Salmon area in two or three weeks.  This winter we had the best steelhead fishing that I am aware of, with such a mild winter, but we began to get dirty water early in March, and fishing fell apart.  The river has been gradually clearing.  Apparently we are getting sediment from a fire in the Stanley area.  Today I could see my toes in water a bit deeper than my knees.  River temperature was 47 degrees at end of the day.  I was out with my son John, late morning til late afternoon.  He landed one, lost another on his spey rod, and landed one and lost one on a hotshot, had another bite from something.  I didn’t do as well, turned one on a fly.  But a good day of fishing.  The fish John kept was in decent condition for the grill.  Weather was squally, nice in between squalls.  Geese were all over the place, heard sandhill cranes.  Bald eagles are on their nests.  The valley is getting some green grass.  If the river holds, we hope for another couple of weeks of steelhead fishing in the Salmon area.

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