Salmon River rafting dates for 2016

Whitewater rafting trip dates for 2016 on the Middle Fork of the Salmon will change.  The June dates of 2, 11, and 20 will remain the same, but trips in July will start on 2, 11, 20, and 29.  In August, trips will start on 7 and 16.  In September, dates will be 8 and 11.  The 11th is a Sunday, allowing weekend travel.  The July 2 trip takes advantage of the July 4 long weekend holiday.

Main Salmon river rafting dates for 2016 will remain the same.  We expect to have some special theme trips, but do not have them completely planned yet. Spring and fall trip dates are not assigned.  Trips can be arranged any time that conditions are suitable

Lower Salmon dates are not assigned.  We usually plan Friday-Monday trips in September to take advantage of a week-end, and then in October for steelhead fishing trips, plan Monday-Friday trips to avoid weekends.  This is flexible, so let us know if you prefer other dates.

We are beginning to get inquiries about some dates now.  For charter trips or large groups that are date specific, it is time to start planning.

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