Elk in the Pahsimeroi Valley

My son-in-law and I took a drive to the Pahsimeroi Valley last month, and spotted this herd of elk in a field.

Elk in Salmon River country
Elk in the Pahsimeroi Valley off the Salmon River

A rough count was 375, cows, calves, and a few spikes.  Across the Pahsimeroi river was a small bull herd, about 15 animals, all bulls, from mature to spikes.

Forty years ago, I spent a winter in the Pahsimeroi working on a thesis on antelope distribution.  There were essentially no elk there at that time.  In five months, I saw one herd of about 18 elk, in the foothills above the valley floor.  After some years, there began to be more elk, but at the higher elevations, along ridgetops.  Seeing this number of elk in fields would have been unimaginable.

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