main salmon lodge trip

2020 Main Salmon Lodge-to-Lodge Trips

The Ultimate Combination of Adventure & Rustic Luxury!

Are you thrilled about the idea of spending five days on a wilderness whitewater adventure, but not so thrilled about the idea of having to camp each night in order to experience that? You won’t want to miss this unique Main Salmon River trip! You’ll enjoy all the excitement of a multi-day whitewater journey, but stay inside each of the four nights we’ll be on the river. The lodges provide everything you’ll need after an exciting day of whitewater, scenic walks, sun, sand, and relaxing. No need to bring a sleeping bag–each lodge provides sleeping accommodations, multi-course dinners and hearty breakfasts.

We are scheduling trips for 2020, and need YOUR input for lodge trip dates. For more information about our Salmon River lodge trips, visit here.

Scheduling a lodge trip gets a little complicated. We are allowed only one trip every eight days, which can be camping or lodges. We must have enough people to run the trip—but not too many, because of capacity at some of the lodges. 12 people is the magic number. That could be a charter group, or a group that we put together.  

main Salmon lodge trip

This is the time to schedule these unique river trips as our schedule–as well as the lodges’–are flexible. If you have interest in doing a lodge trip in 2020, and know the date that works best for you, let us know, and we will  schedule a lodge trip that fits availability for the most people. To see available Main Salmon launch dates, visit here.

We may be able to schedule more than one trip, depending on interest. Call today, (208) 756-4167. We want to hear from YOU!

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