Cramer Rapid 2004

Cramer Rapid, Middle Fork Salmon

Here is a little story I wrote several years ago. I like to go back and read stuff like this on cold winter days. It makes the time between now and River Season seem not so long… Recollections of a Rapid The name Cramer never raised fear in a Middle Fork boatman’s heart before late […]

Giant Salmon River steelhead

Early Steelhead Fishing Trips

The days have gotten long enough to get back on the Salmon River and fish for steelhead. Water conditions are much like the traditional spring season. We provide all tackle, lunch, in-boat heater(great this time of year!) transportation and guides. Give us a call to get on the river: 877-705-7370.

Salmon River steelhead contitions in Salmon

The Salmon River in the Salmon area is a little off-color, around 20 inches visibility.  Nights with freezing temperature are helping the river clear a bit, after the mud and high flow of two weeks ago.  River temperature has been reaching low 40s in the afternoon.  The Red Bluff boat launch has been cleared of […]

Elk in Salmon River country

Elk in the Pahsimeroi Valley

My son-in-law and I took a drive to the Pahsimeroi Valley last month, and spotted this herd of elk in a field. A rough count was 375, cows, calves, and a few spikes.  Across the Pahsimeroi river was a small bull herd, about 15 animals, all bulls, from mature to spikes. Forty years ago, I […]

Deadwater ice jam out

The Deadwater ice jam just below North Fork has broken out.    This annual event is a landmark, signals the beginning of the spring steelhead fishing season in the Salmon area.  This year, though, not so much.  Winter fishing was very good in the Salmon area, with little ice.  The warm weather of the last […]

Tan water in Salmon

Warm overnight temperatures have started snow melting off the valley floor in the Salmon valley, and the Salmon River has turned tan.  Steelhead fishing had been very good through the winter, but until the river clears, fishing is a waste of time.  Freezing nights will help, but until the low snow melts, the river is […]

Family river trips

Graduation Family River Trips

You know the saying, “Once you leave home, you can never come back again.” I remember one of my high school teachers saying that to us in one of our senior English classes. I thought about it a lot-of course I could come home…couldn’t I? What I didn’t understand at the time is what many parents of 2015 […]

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