Thanksgiving Day

This morning the Salmon River near Salmon is running slush ice again. There has been ice for the last several mornings, but yesterday afternoon the river cleared. Ice is forming in the eddies at the ramps, complicating getting a boat out.

22 November 2013

Cold this morning, about 13 degrees (though predicted to be 3). River was 32 degrees at the end of the day. I expect there will be ice tomorrow morning. After this cold snap, the river will probably warm a bit again, and provide some more fishing, but migration is surely over. Day before yesterday I […]

8 October 2013 steelhead

Still early for steelhead, don’t expect steelhead in the Salmon area until the third week of October. But they are on their way. River temperature at mid-day is 48 degrees, a little off-color, but fishable. Level is still above average after the rains last week, subsiding slowly. We have a five-day camping steelhead trip scheduled […]

1 October 2013–Muddy water

Recent rains have increased river levels dramatically with dirty water a result. Yesterday the river temperature near Salmon was 48 degrees, with the river too off-color to fish. It is still too early for best steelhead fishing in the Salmon area anyway, and hopefully the river will clear by the time fish arrive in a […]

Steelhead Coming–23 September 2013

Steelhead usually arrive in the Salmon area in fishable numbers in the third week of October.  Dam counts were low earlier, but now are a strong average.  More important than numbers, in the Salmon area, is water temperature, which affects the migration.  The river is cooling, which will stimulate fish to move upstream.  We have […]

4 June 2013 river conditions

Mid-winter snowpack in the Salmon River basin was above average, but the rest of the winter and spring was dry. By late May the snowpack was less than 50%.  The Middle Fork of the Salmon peaked about the 14th of May, at about 6 1/2 feet, and has been dropping continuously, now in the mid-threes.  […]

Mostly B-Run Steelhead

3-26-13 We’ve been told recently that most of the steelhead reaching the Pahsimeroi hatchery are B Run fish. This is an exciting bit of news for us, as Salmon River steelies are generally classified as the smaller A Run fish. We’ve been out on the river most days this past week, and the weather has […]

17 March 2013

The Salmon River in the Salmon area has been off-color lately, but has been warming. Water clarity is better upstream from Salmon, above the Lemhi River. Yesterday son John and friend fished for the afternoon above Salmon, in water that was off but fishable, had two on but lost. Below Salmon, visibility was about 10 […]

15 March 2013

A historical novel with a Middle Fork setting is again available. ” Murder on the Middle Fork”,2005, by Don Smith, can be ordered from his daughter, Heather Thomas, at Some of you who are familiar with the lore of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River may have read of a murder just upstream […]

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